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justice_stream's Journal

JUSTICE STREAM: Pr0nhalla awaits you!
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Welcome Noble Einherj. . .ah, screw it.

RULES (Please read carefully before joining!):

1. Thou Shalt Not Post Loli or Shota. Age limit is 13 and up, so Jelanda and Platina/Kid!Lucian are okay, but please nothing younger!

Other Things We'd rather Not Have Posted:
Bestiality involving real animals (such as dogs or horses).
Gross inflation (Overweight is fine, large enough to be a second moon is not).
Guro and Graphic Torture (No gallons of blood or guts, please).
Snuff (Death).
Scat (Poop).

Stuff That's Okay:
Bestiality involving in-game creatures (Bloodbane, Fenrir, Insane Yetis, etc.).
Bondage and S&M.
Oral, anal, and vaginal sex.
Yaoi (Gay men)
Yuri (Lesbians)
Watersports (Urine play).

2. Thou Shalt Not Troll, Spam, or Flood. Community membership is moderated, so we don't expect many problems with this, but if you start making fifty-Hitler posts or any variation thereof, expect to be B&, and fast.

3. Thou Shalt Friendslock Thy Posts. We don't want innocent children stumbling across our depraved and twisted stuff. We also don't want to get kicked off of LJ. Failure to friendslock posts will get your post edited and a warning. If you do it consistently, B&.

4. Thou Shalt Post Warnings. If your post contains stuff that might be offensive to some people (pretty much anything other than traditional oral, anal, or vaginal sex), please let people know. Not everyone likes to see bondage or watersports, so it's just courteous to warn them. :)


Q: Why in the name of Odin did you make this community?


1. It needed to be done.

2. We could.

3. We are always in search of VP fans.

Q:Why "Justice_Stream"?

A:It's kind of an injoke that got taken a tad too far over in a thread Theaphelia started on 4chan. To read the thread, go here (NSFW AT ALL). Lawfer is totally into watersports with Llewelyn. You know it as well as we do.

Q:Why is the community moderated?

A:To keep out trolls, kids, and pedophiles.

Q:Why was my membership rejected?

A:Are you a known troll, a child, or a pedophile? Have you started bullshit with one of the mods in the past? That's probably why.

Questions can be emailed to one of the mods.

Well, have fun, guys!

--Theaphelia and Melusine, your crazy neighborhood mods.